After five years of missions work in the Philippines, the Baileys returned to the States for a time of refreshing. Over their years as missionaries, the Baileys were blessed by the ministry that was coming out of Bethel Church in Redding, California. They felt the Lord leading them to spend a year there just receiving and being refreshed. It was while they were there that the Lord began to do a deep work in their hearts concerning the children in this generation who were being dealt with so unjustly. It began with the orphaned, then the malnourished, then the trafficked, and lastly, the aborted. Over several weeks, the Lord spoke to their hearts concerning these four areas of injustice. The Lord gave Mike a vision of a work of ministry that would make a great difference in these four areas. Mike drew out a sketch of the things that he was seeing in terms of a piece of land (see drawing), and his family began to pray concerning all these things the Lord had been speaking to them. It wasn’t long before the Baileys knew that Lord was calling them to develop this ministry and that it was to be based out of the Philippines. Later, the Lord gave them the name “Hope For All Children”. As they prepared to return to the Philippines, the Lord began to speak to others to join the Baileys in the work of Hope For All Children.

When the Baileys began to consider the financial needs to develop a work of ministry like HFAC, the Lord spoke to Mike and told him, “Any vision that I give, I will blow on it with the wind of My Spirit, and the provision that’s needed will come by you receiving an inheritance though grace, not by your own works.” Without the Baileys focusing on raising funds for this work, the Lord began to provide financially in such an amazing way. Each step of the way, the Lord has proven this word that He spoke to Mike in the beginning, before any land was ever bought, before any buildings were built, and before any ministry had taken place.

The Baileys and the other families and missionaries that are now a part of HFAC count it a great privilege that the Lord would entrust such an amazing work of ministry to them. They believe that there is HOPE for all children in this generation who suffer unjustly. They also believe that the Lord desires to speak to so many concerning these four areas of ministry. As God’s people turn their hearts to Him, feel what He feels, and see what He sees, they couldn’t help but to offer their lives to do something about these great injustices of our day.